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Heretic Studio's Optimized LED Light Reflectors

Heretic Studio's Optimized LED Light Reflectors

In the realm of outdoor exploration, off-road adventures, and industrial applications, the quality of illumination can make all the difference between success and setback. Enter Heretic Studio, a trailblazer in the world of LED lighting solutions, renowned for their commitment to excellence and innovation. At the forefront of their offerings are optimized LED light reflectors available in Flood, Beam, and Combo patterns, designed to transform the darkest of nights into daylight.

Precision Engineering for Optimal Performance:

Heretic Studio's LED light reflectors are not merely accessories; they're feats of precision engineering. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each reflector is optimized to deliver the highest quality of light output possible. Whether you opt for the Flood, Beam, or Combo pattern, you can trust that Heretic Studio's reflectors will illuminate your surroundings with unparalleled clarity and brightness.

Turning Night into Day:

With Heretic Studio's optimized LED light reflectors, darkness becomes a thing of the past. Whether you're navigating remote trails, working on a construction site, or embarking on a nighttime adventure, Heretic Studio's lights turn night into day, providing you with the visibility and clarity you need to tackle any challenge with confidence.

Flood, Spot, or Combo: The Choice is Yours:

Heretic Studio understands that different situations call for different lighting solutions. That's why their optimized LED light reflectors are available in three distinct patterns: Flood, Spot, and Combo. Whether you need a wide swath of light to illuminate your surroundings (Flood), a focused beam for long-distance visibility (Spot), or a combination of both (Combo), Heretic Studio has you covered. Learn more about the benefits and advantages of each reflectory option below.

Flood Pattern:

The Flood pattern is designed to provide a wide, even spread of light, making it ideal for illuminating a large area close to your vehicle or workspace. With a broader beam angle, Flood lights are perfect for off-road driving, camping, or construction sites, where visibility across a wide area is crucial. The benefits of Flood lights include improved peripheral vision, reduced glare, and enhanced safety by illuminating obstacles or hazards that might otherwise go unnoticed. Whether you're navigating through dense forests, setting up a campsite, or working on a project at night, Flood lights offer unparalleled coverage and visibility.

Spot Pattern:

In contrast to Flood lights, Spot lights emit a narrow, focused beam of light with a longer reach, making them ideal for long-distance visibility and precision lighting needs. Spot lights are perfect for off-road driving at high speeds, trailblazing through remote terrain, or illuminating objects at a distance with pinpoint accuracy. The advantages of Spot lights include enhanced visibility over long distances, reduced light scatter, and the ability to cut through fog, rain, or dust for improved clarity. Whether you're navigating dark trails, spotting wildlife from a distance, or need precise lighting for outdoor activities, Spot lights offer exceptional performance and clarity.

Combo Pattern:

As the name suggests, Combo lights offer the best of both worlds by combining Flood and Spot patterns into a single lighting solution. This versatile configuration provides a balance between wide coverage and long-distance visibility, making Combo lights suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you're driving off-road, exploring remote trails, or working in low-light conditions, Combo lights offer the flexibility to adapt to different lighting needs. The benefits of Combo lights include enhanced versatility, improved visibility in various conditions, and the ability to tailor lighting output to suit specific tasks or environments. With Combo lights, you get the best of both worlds, ensuring that you're prepared for whatever the road or trail ahead may bring.

Unmatched Quality of Light Output:

What sets Heretic Studio's LED light reflectors apart is their unmatched quality of light output. Designed to minimize glare and maximize visibility, Heretic Studio's reflectors provide a uniform and consistent beam pattern that illuminates your surroundings with precision and clarity. Say goodbye to uneven lighting and hello to a world of brightness and clarity with Heretic Studio's optimized LED light reflectors.

Illuminate Your World with Heretic Studio:

Whether you're exploring the great outdoors, navigating challenging terrain, or working on important projects, Heretic Studio's optimized LED light reflectors are your trusted companion for the journey. With precision engineering, unparalleled performance, and a commitment to excellence, Heretic Studio sets the standard for what a lighting solution should be.

Experience the difference with Heretic Studio's optimized LED light reflectors and transform your nights into days with clarity, visibility, and unmatched performance.


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Ford Bronco Interior and Cargo Light Kit - Total Bronco Kit
Ford Bronco Interior and Cargo Light Kit - Total Bronco Kit


Many Bronco owners experience issues with insufficient interior lighting. Experience the ultimate lighting solution with our Bronco Interior and Cargo Light Kit. Crafted from CNC-machined aluminum, these robust lights are built to endure, ensuring long-lasting durability. With an IP68 waterproof rating, it can handle any condition, making it your reliable companion on all your adventures. Equipped with powerful Cree LEDs, it emits an impressive 600 lumens (each) of bright and wide-angle illumination, ensuring exceptional visibility even in the darkest environments. The interior lights are mounted with a stainless steel powder coated 45 degree bracket insuring a strong robust mount for the dome light. The cargo light kit is mounted using our new Axis Mount. It has a 231 degree of rotation allowing you shift form lighting the cargo area to the exterior of your bronco. 

The user-friendly design features a easy to use button, allowing quick operation in any condition. With them being wired directly to the battery the they can turn on when ever you need them. Customize your lighting experience with different lens colors to match your style. Upgrade your lighting system today and enjoy reliable performance, enhanced brightness, and easy customization. Illuminate your interior cargo area, and exterior with confidence and leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Choose our Bronco Interior and Cargo Light kit for quality craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and convenience at your fingertips. Covered by our life time warranty, designed, assembled, and supported in Centerville, Utah.  


  • LED Dome Light
  • 6061 CNC Aluminum Grade Billet Housing
  • Interchangeable Lenses
  • 600 Lumens 
  • Comes stranded with a diffused lenses

Vehicle Application

This kit is designed to work for Ford Bronco 2021+ Hard Top

Sold Separately

Replacement Lenses and Colors

Kit Includes

(3) Dome Lights

All Wiring, Mounts, and hardware necessary.


LED Rock Light

Shipping Weight
Accessory Light 
CNC Aircraft-Grade Aluminum 
Roof Rack 
Lens Color


Amp Draw at 13.8V .4A
Voltage 9V-24V
IP Rating 1P68
DIM (Light Only) L 2.6” x D .65” x H 1.2” 


Prop 65

 Installation Guide

Click to Download:

Bronco Interior Light Install Guide