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Beyond Lumens

Beyond Lumens

Our products are made in the USA in our own shop by our small team of lighting experts and we are proud of that. Having all of our production in-house gives us the ability to be obsessive over every little detail, giving you the best possible LED lights you can find on the market. All of our lights start out as solid blocks of material and through our patented design process are machined into literal works of art. It is our goal as a company to constantly redefine the standards of the lighting industry and continually offer our customers the most premium lights you can buy.


LED lights are not just about who claims to have the highest lumen count for each light. There is far more that goes into what makes a light quality, durable, and long-lasting. We use all of the highest-grade circuitry ensuring that our lights are extremely bright, reliable in any situation, and will hold up in any situation that you encounter. When you get a Heretic light you can literally feel the difference. All of our LED light housings CNC machined aircraft-grade aluminum. Our patented designs are obsessively optimized to get the most out of every style of light you need without ever having to break the bank. All of our products are backed by a true lifetime guarantee. If anything goes wrong let us know and we will always take care of you.


Lumens equals the total light potential of an LED and not always the actual output. While knowing the potential of a light is great, far too often brands obsess only over the lumen count of their lights. The problem with this is that few lights have the build quality and circuitry to support the maximum output their lights are “capable” of. Instead, Lux and Candela are more accurate ways of measuring the output of lights. They measure light strength, intensity, and volume at a fixed distance, which gives you a more accurate scale of the output of a light. When we say Beyond Lumens, it is because there is so much more to what makes a light “quality” than the boasted lumen count.


Components matter. Many LED lights boast high specs on their lights but are only capable of running at a fraction of the capacity resulting in poor and dim lighting. We use the highest grade components that allow us to control heat and function to eliminate the causes of premature failure. Having control over the LED circuitry allows you to use the full capacity of your LEDs and results in a much better and substantially brighter light.


Our lights start out from a solid piece of aircraft grade aluminum and are CNC machined into a light housing. Our aircraft grade aluminum housings with cooling fins create a more efficient heat transfer allowing lights to function at full capacity. They are also extremely strong and durable allowing it to handle abuse that most housings can’t.


Reflector optimization is everything. We use high quality reflectors specifically designed for the LEDs we use that allow us to optimize the shape of the light in the perfect pattern so your light falls exactly where you want it to be. Many of our competitors are using parts that ‘fit’, but that are not engineered to optimize performance.


High power lights will have high amp draws. We realize this and have designed our lights to protect your vehicle wiring while maintaining the brightest lights possible.


Let’s face it, electrical wiring can be a bit of a nightmare! When engineering all of our products we take into consideration how someone will be installing them. Almost all of our products come with a plug and play solution, if not we have come up with an option that makes it super simple and easy to install.


We know what we make and if anything goes wrong, we will fix it! We offer a lifetime warranty. No hassle. No registration required. We have your back! Read More

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