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Spotlight vs. Floodlight: Shedding Light on the Differences

Spotlight vs. Floodlight: Shedding Light on the Differences

When it comes to off-road lighting, choosing the right beam pattern is crucial for optimal visibility and performance. Two popular options that often come up in discussions are spotlights and floodlights. While both serve distinct purposes, understanding their differences is essential in selecting the ideal lighting solution for your off-road adventures. In this blog post, we will shed light on the disparities between spotlights and floodlights, helping you make an informed decision.

Spotlight: Intense and Focused Illumination

Spotlights are designed to project a concentrated beam of light over a significant distance. These lights are characterized by their ability to create a narrow, focused beam, which is perfect for long-range visibility. Spotlights are commonly used to illuminate specific targets, such as obstacles, trail markers, or distant objects.

Key Features of Spotlights:

  1. Narrow Beam: Spotlights emit a narrow beam of light that can reach impressive distances, allowing you to see far ahead on the trail.
  2. Long-Range Performance: Due to their focused nature, spotlights excel in providing extended visibility, making them ideal for off-road adventures in remote or poorly lit areas.
  3. Precise Lighting Control: Spotlights offer precise lighting control, enabling you to direct the beam precisely where you need it, whether it's scanning the horizon or illuminating a specific target.

Floodlight: Wide and Even Coverage

In contrast to spotlights, floodlights produce a broad and wide beam pattern, illuminating a large area with even distribution. Floodlights are designed to provide ample peripheral vision, ensuring maximum visibility of the surroundings. They are particularly beneficial in off-road scenarios that require broad and uniform illumination, such as navigating through dense forests, campsites, or open spaces.

Key Features of Floodlights:

  1. Wide Beam Spread: Floodlights emit a wide beam spread, covering a larger area, which helps enhance your overall field of vision.
  2. Close-to-Mid Range Illumination: Floodlights are effective in providing uniform illumination within a shorter to mid-range distance, ensuring that the surroundings are well-lit.
  3. Peripheral Visibility: The broad beam pattern of floodlights improves peripheral visibility, enabling you to spot potential hazards or obstacles in your immediate surroundings.

Choosing the Right Lighting Solution:

Selecting between spotlights and floodlights largely depends on the intended application and specific requirements of your off-road adventures. Here are a few key factors to consider:

  1. Purpose: Determine whether you need focused, long-range illumination (spotlight) or broad, even coverage (floodlight) for your off-road activities.
  2. Terrain and Environment: Evaluate the type of terrain you typically encounter. Spotlights are ideal for open spaces or when you need to see far into the distance, while floodlights excel in providing a wider field of vision in densely packed or close-quarter environments.
  3. Personal Preference: Consider your personal preferences and lighting needs. Some off-road enthusiasts may prefer a combination of spotlights and floodlights to strike a balance between long-range visibility and broader coverage.

Spotlights and floodlights are distinct lighting solutions, each offering unique benefits for off-road adventures. Spotlights provide intense, long-range illumination, ideal for pinpointing specific targets and distant visibility. On the other hand, floodlights offer wide, uniform coverage, ensuring enhanced peripheral vision and visibility in close-to-mid range distances. Ultimately, selecting the right lighting solution depends on your specific needs and the terrain you navigate.

At Heretic, we offer a range of off-road lights, including spotlights and floodlights, designed to meet your diverse lighting requirements. Whether you prefer focused, long-range visibility or broad, even coverage, we have the perfect lighting solution to illuminate your off-road journeys.

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Ford Bronco Interior and Cargo Light Kit - Total Bronco Kit
Ford Bronco Interior and Cargo Light Kit - Total Bronco Kit


Many Bronco owners experience issues with insufficient interior lighting. Experience the ultimate lighting solution with our Bronco Interior and Cargo Light Kit. Crafted from CNC-machined aluminum, these robust lights are built to endure, ensuring long-lasting durability. With an IP68 waterproof rating, it can handle any condition, making it your reliable companion on all your adventures. Equipped with powerful Cree LEDs, it emits an impressive 600 lumens (each) of bright and wide-angle illumination, ensuring exceptional visibility even in the darkest environments. The interior lights are mounted with a stainless steel powder coated 45 degree bracket insuring a strong robust mount for the dome light. The cargo light kit is mounted using our new Axis Mount. It has a 231 degree of rotation allowing you shift form lighting the cargo area to the exterior of your bronco. 

The user-friendly design features a easy to use button, allowing quick operation in any condition. With them being wired directly to the battery the they can turn on when ever you need them. Customize your lighting experience with different lens colors to match your style. Upgrade your lighting system today and enjoy reliable performance, enhanced brightness, and easy customization. Illuminate your interior cargo area, and exterior with confidence and leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Choose our Bronco Interior and Cargo Light kit for quality craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and convenience at your fingertips. Covered by our life time warranty, designed, assembled, and supported in Centerville, Utah.  


  • LED Dome Light
  • 6061 CNC Aluminum Grade Billet Housing
  • Interchangeable Lenses
  • 600 Lumens 
  • Comes stranded with a diffused lenses

Vehicle Application

This kit is designed to work for Ford Bronco 2021+ Hard Top

Sold Separately

Replacement Lenses and Colors

Kit Includes

(3) Dome Lights

All Wiring, Mounts, and hardware necessary.


LED Rock Light

Shipping Weight
Accessory Light 
CNC Aircraft-Grade Aluminum 
Roof Rack 
Lens Color


Amp Draw at 13.8V .4A
Voltage 9V-24V
IP Rating 1P68
DIM (Light Only) L 2.6” x D .65” x H 1.2” 


Prop 65

 Installation Guide

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Bronco Interior Light Install Guide